Gahana Navya James: Sixth Rank in UPSC Exam

The recently announced results of the Civil Services Examination have brought great pride to Kerala, as several Malayali students have achieved remarkable success. Among them, Gahana has emerged as the star performer, securing the top rank in her second attempt. Her achievement, accomplished without any coaching, is an inspiration to aspiring civil servants across the state.

NameGahana Navya James
RankTop rank in Civil Services Examination
AttemptSecond attempt
CoachingNo coaching received
EducationPhD in International Relations at MG University, Kottayam
InspirationsUncle – IFS officer Sibi George
Other Malayali AchieversArya VM (Rank 36), Anoop Das (Rank 38), S Gautam Raj (Rank 63)
Top Rank HoldersIshita Kishore (First Rank), Garima Lohia (Second Rank), Uma Harathi N (Third Rank), Smriti Mishri (Fourth Rank)
Gahana Navya James

Gahana’s Inspiring Achievement

Gahana, a determined and dedicated individual, has surpassed all expectations by clinching the top rank in the Civil Services Examination. What makes her accomplishment even more remarkable is the fact that she achieved this feat without availing any coaching. Her perseverance, self-study, and innate talent have propelled her to the pinnacle of success.

Academic Journey and Career Aspirations

Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in International Relations at MG University, Kottayam, Gahana has exhibited a keen interest in the field of academics. Her strong academic background, coupled with her passion for public service, has steered her toward the challenging realm of civil services. Gahana’s unwavering determination and thirst for knowledge have been the driving forces behind her pursuit of excellence.

Influence of Family and Inspiration

Gahana draws inspiration from her uncle, Sibi George, an esteemed IFS (Indian Foreign Service) officer currently serving as India’s Ambassador to Japan. His distinguished career and exemplary service to the nation have inspired Gahana to follow in his footsteps. She aspires to make a meaningful contribution to the country as an IFS officer, carrying forward her family’s legacy of dedication to public service.

Other Malayalis Among the Top 100

Kerala has further reason to celebrate, as several other Malayali candidates have secured notable positions in the Civil Services Examination. Arya VM, a native of Balaramapuram, achieved an impressive rank of 36 in her second attempt. Currently working as a guest lecturer, Arya’s achievement highlights her intellectual prowess and commitment to civil services. Additionally, Anoop Das and S Gautam Raj secured ranks 38 and 63, respectively, showcasing the caliber of talent emerging from the state.

Top Rank Holders

In addition to Gahana’s exceptional achievement, other candidates have also secured top ranks in the Civil Services Examination. Ishita Kishore claimed the coveted first rank, while Garima Lohia secured an impressive second rank. Uma Harathi N and Smriti Mishri showcased their remarkable abilities by attaining the third and fourth ranks, respectively. Their success exemplifies the dedication and hard work required to excel in this highly competitive examination.

Overview of the Selection Process

The Civil Services Examination is a rigorous and multi-stage selection process. It includes a preliminary examination conducted on June 5, 2022, followed by the mains examination held from September 16 to 25.

The final stage involved interviews, which concluded on May 18. According to the official rank list, a total of 933 candidates have been recommended for appointment, demonstrating the rigorous nature of the examination.


The exceptional achievements of Gahana and other Malayali candidates in the Civil Services Examination have brought immense pride to Kerala. Their success stands as a testament to their hard work, determination, and intellectual capabilities.

As these young minds prepare to embark on their civil service careers, they serve as an inspiration to aspiring civil servants across the state. Kerala can truly boast of nurturing talent that is poised to make significant contributions to the nation in the years to come.

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