Advantages and Disadvantages of the MGNREGA Scheme


MGNREGA Scheme (Advantages and Disadvantages of MGNREGA, Significance, and Issues Advantages and Disadvantages of the MGNREGA Scheme) Disadvantages of the MGNREGA Advantages of the MGNREGA

What is MGNREGA Scheme?

The earlier known scheme was NREGA ( National Rural Employment Guarantee Act). The act was passed on 23 august, 2005 and came into force on 2nd Feb 2006. Later, in Oct 2009 it was renamed Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act(MGNREGA).

Additionally, MGNREGA Scheme is a driven wage employment scheme that comes under the ministry of rural development. In India, a large number of people are below the poverty line and are not able to meet their daily requirements. Moreover, According to the world bank, a person earning $2 per day is above the poverty line. However, the scheme aims to provide work to the lower section of society and reduce the gap between rich and poor. Following are some positives and negatives of the MGNREGA scheme.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the MGNREGA Scheme

Below are some positives and negatives of the MGNREGA scheme. Before proceeding let’s know about the MGNREGA scheme.


  • Provide 100 days employment generation guarantee in rural areas in a financial year.
  • Work on DPSP Article 41 (Right to work).
  • Having provisions under Article 21(Right to live with dignity) of the Indian constitution.
  • Increase the agricultural labor wages.
  • Also, help in women’s empowerment of those who are illiterate.
  • Specifically, one-third of workers must be women.
  • MGNREGA Job cards play an important role
  • Help in the upliftment of marginalized sections of Schedule caste and schedule tribes.
  • Help in attaining sustainable development goals by reducing Inequality (SDG-10), Zero Hunger ( SDG-1), Descent Health( SDG-3), Education for All( SDG-4), Gender Equality (SDG-5), etc.


  • Wages provided to workers are very low due to insufficient funds.
  • The inefficient role played by local government (Panchayat and Municipalities).
  • Delaying in the payment of funds.
  • Most of the states in India are not using 100% of the funds.
  • Corruption at the local level is very high.
  • Lack of coordination between center and state governments.

In conclusion, the government of India has played a great role by providing employment to unskilled manual workers. Although, we have discussed both Advantages and Disadvantages of the MGNREGA Scheme. But, this scheme has a great impact on the lower section of society.


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