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UPI: The Solution for NRI Account Transactions

UPI Goes Global: Support for International Mobile Numbers for NRIs

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NRIs Can Now Easily Conduct Financial Transactions in India with UPI and International Mobile Numbers.

India's Fintech Sector Goes Global: NRIs Can Now Access UPI with International Mobile Numbers.

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NRE and NRO Accounts: Unlock the Convenience of UPI Transactions.

 NRE account is for holding, managing, and repatriating foreign income.


NRO account is for holding and managing non-repatriable income earned in India.

Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO):

1. United States of America 2. United Kingdom 3. Singapore 4. Australia 5. Hong Kong 6. Canada 7. Oman 8. Qatar  9. U.A.E 10. Saudi Arabia

3.2 crore NRI send money to India from abroad.

India receives the largest remittances globally, $87 billion last year.

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