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Westmetall represents the interests of the German non-ferrous metals industry founded in 1919, which includes the copper industry. As such, they provide information and analysis on the production, supply, demand, prices, and market trends of copper in Germany and globally. They also provide statistics on the copper industry in Germany, including production, consumption, imports, and exports. Westmetall also works with the German government and EU institutions to represent the interests of the copper industry and advocate for policies that support the industry. Additionally, Westmetall provides services to its members such as market research, legal and technical support, and networking opportunities.

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In addition to the services and activities mentioned above, Westmetall also actively works on promoting the use of copper and its alloys in various industries and applications. They provide technical expertise and support to their members on issues such as product development, quality control, and process optimization. They also work on educating and raising awareness about the benefits of copper in various fields such as construction, energy, transportation, and telecommunications. Westmetall also conducts research on the recycling and sustainability aspects of copper. They also actively participate in international trade fairs and exhibitions to promote the German copper industry and its products.

Westmetall also provides access to its members to its extensive market research databases and publications, including forecasts and statistics on copper market trends, production, and consumption, as well as price developments. Additionally, they also run training programs and seminars to provide relevant information to their member companies and their employees.

In summary, Westmetall acts as an advocacy, research, and service organization for the German copper industry, representing its members in various business, economic and political matters, providing market information, networking opportunities, technical support, and promoting the use of copper in various industries.

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