Commercialization of Agriculture: British India

Commercialization of Agriculture in British India UPSC
The commercialization of agriculture in British India marked a significant turning point in the country’s agrarian economy. The ...

Feminization of Agriculture in India: Causes & Impacts

feminization of agriculture UPSC in India
Agriculture has long been considered the backbone of the Indian economy, providing employment and sustenance to a significant ...

National Parks of Rajasthan: Map & Features

Rajasthan National Park Map Pdf - Wildlife Sanctuary India Map UPSC
Rajasthan, a land of vibrant culture and regal history, is not just limited to magnificent palaces and desert ...

Uttaramerur Inscription: Elections & Local Governance

Uttaramerur Inscription: Elections & Local Governance
The Uttaramerur Inscription is a valuable historical artifact that provides us with a fascinating insight into the governance system of ancient South India. Discovered in the village of Uttaramerur in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu, this inscription offers a window into the administrative structure, judicial processes, and social dynamics of the time.

Difference Between the Cabinet and Council of Ministers

difference between cabinet and council of ministers
In the world of politics, terms like “cabinet” and “council of ministers” are frequently used, often interchangeably. While ...

Shadow Cabinet: Origin & Functions in India

Shadow Cabinet UPSC Features functions
In parliamentary democracies around the world, the concept of a shadow cabinet plays a crucial role in the ...

Indus River Dolphin: IUCN Status & Threats

Indus River Dolphin UPSC IUCN Status
The Indus River Dolphin (Platanista Gangetica Minor) is a highly endangered aquatic mammal found exclusively in the Indus ...

Krishnadevaraya: Mother, Wives & Children | Achievements & Ashtadiggajas

Krishnadevaraya was a ruler of the Vijayanagara Empire in South India in the 16th century. He is regarded as one of the greatest Indian kings, known for his military conquests, patronage of the arts, and support for literature.

Kolleru Lake: Map & Location | Features

kolleru lake upsc map location
Kolleru Lake, situated in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the largest freshwater lakes in ...
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