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On our website Newscoop IAS you get all History, Defence, Topics related to National and International Importance, etc. related information, we focus on many other categories and we hope you like also, the content of other categories that are maintained on our website. So, you can visit our website homepage to know all category details here you can visit our homepage Click here –>Newscoop IAS.

What Do We Do?

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Basically, we focus on the UPSC CSE i.e. UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION – Civil Services Examination niche so, our main priority is to search for new content and present it in front of you to learn something new. Whatever topic comes up in this UPSC exam like Indian History, Polity, Geography, Environment, Current Affairs, etc. we will cover all the topics on Newscoop IAS.

About Founder

Vikramjit Singh
Vikramjit Singh

Hi, I am Vikramjit Singh, the founder of Newscoop IAS, a UPSC-based educational website dedicated to helping aspirants who are preparing for the UPSC CSE Examination. With over 5 years of experience in this, brings a deep understanding of concepts for educating others to the platform.