Rajput Policy of Akbar: Significance & Impact (100% UPSC)

Rajput Policy of Akbar
The Rajput Policy of Akbar was a strategic plan implemented by the Mughal emperor Akbar the Great in the late 16th century. This policy aimed to establish a harmonious relationship between the Mughal Empire and the Rajput states, which were powerful Hindu warrior dynasties in northern and western India.

Salima Sultan Begum: History & Achievements

Salima Sultan Begum - Son and Hsitory for UPSC
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Ruqaiya Sultan Begum: History & Achievements (100%)

Ruqaiya Sultan Begum UPSC
Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, often referred to simply as Ruqaiya Begum, was a prominent figure in the Mughal Empire ...

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Spouse: Wife Names

Spouses of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Spouses
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj hailed as one of India’s greatest warriors and a visionary ruler, led the Maratha Empire ...

Male Rao Holkar [1745-1767 AD]: Names of Wife & Son | Death Reason

Male Rao Holkar
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Muvendar: Meaning in Sangam Poems

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Vatakkiruttal: Meaning & Examples in Sangam Poems | UPSC

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Kundavai Pirattiyar: History of Kundavai Nachiyar of Chola Dynasty (Husband & Death)

Kundavai Pirattiyar
Kundavai Nachiyar was born at Tirukoilur in the house of Parantaka Chola II(SunderChola) and her mother Vanavan Mahadevi during the latter half of the 10th Century. Further, her elder brother’s name was Aditya Karikalan II and her younger brother was Arulmozhivarman (later Rajaraja Chola I).

Radhakrishnan Commission 1948: Recommendations | UPSC

Radhakrishnan Commission 1948 Recommendations and Objectives - UPSC
The Radhakrishnan Commission, formally known as the University Education Commission, stands as a pivotal chapter in the annals ...