Arinjaya Chola: The Legacy of a Chola King

Who was Arinjaya Chola?


Arinjaya Chola was a key figure in the Chola dynasty, a powerful southern Indian kingdom that flourished during the 9th to the 13th centuries. He was the third son of Parantaka I and the younger brother of Gandaraditya Chola. It is believed that Arinjaya Chola assumed the throne after his brother’s death in around 956 AD. Despite his relatively short reign, Arinjaya Chola played an important role in the history of the Chola dynasty.

  • Information about Arinjaya Chola can be gathered from epigraphs left behind by his peers.
  • Arinjaya was married to a Vaidumba princess of the Eastern Chalukyas named Kalyani.
  • Kalyani born him a son named Sundara Chola.
  • Arinjaya had another queen named Boothi Aditya Pidari, the daughter of Tennavan Irukkuvel alias Maravan Boothi.
  • Boothi Aditya Pidari founded the Chandrasekara temple in Tiruchendurai.
  • Tennavan Irukkuvel alias Boothi has been identified with Boothi Vikramakesari, the builder of the Moovar Koil temple.

Chola Dynasty and Its Legacy

The Chola dynasty was known for its military conquests, cultural achievements, and administrative innovations, and was one of the most powerful and influential kingdoms in southern India during its reign.

Arinjaya Chola continued this legacy and further established the Chola dynasty as a major power in southern India. However, the exact details of his reign and accomplishments are not well-known due to a lack of historical records.

A Succession of Arinjaya Chola

Arinjaya Chola was succeeded by his son, Sundara Chola, also known as Parantaka II, as Madurantaka Uttama Chola, the son of Gandaraditya Chola, was not old enough to assume the throne at that time. Arinjaya Chola’s brief reign may have been limited, but he made a significant contribution to the Chola dynasty and helped to lay the foundation for its future success.

Evidence from Anbil Plates

  • The Anbil plates, dated to the reign of Sundara Chola, provide valuable historical information about Arinjaya’s family and his place within the Chola dynasty.
  • These plates serve as a valuable resource for understanding the complexities of familial relationships and political connections in the Chola Kingdom.

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Death of Arinjaya Chola


Arinjaya Chola passed away around 957 in a place known as Arrur, which is believed to be present-day Tiruvarur. Arinjaya’s grandson, Rajaraja Chola I, honored his memory by constructing a Siva temple called Arinjisvara in his grandfather’s name.

Arinjaya was also referred to as “Arrur Tunjina Devan“. Following Arinjaya’s death, his son Parantaka Chola II took the throne, also known as Sundara Chola. Two of Arinjaya’s wives, Viman Kundaviyar and Kodai Pirattiyar, survived him and made contributions to temples in his name during Parantaka II’s rule.


In conclusion, Arinjaya Chola was a notable ruler of the Chola dynasty who played an important role in its history, despite his brief reign. Despite a lack of historical records, he is remembered for his contributions to the Chola dynasty and its legacy as a major power in southern India.

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