Uttama Chola: History of Madurantakam [Father, Son & Wife]

In this article, we will delve into the life and death of Uttama Chola, also known as Madurantakam Chola. Uttama Chola was a prominent ruler of the Chola dynasty who reigned during the 10th century AD. We will explore the key events of his reign, his contributions to the empire, and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Uttama Chola was a king of the Chola Dynasty also called Madurantaka Chola who ruled in southern India during the 10th century. He was the son of the Chola King “Gandaraditya (950 to 956 AD)” and Queen “Parantakan Madevadigal“. Further, he was known for his military conquests and for patronizing art and architecture. In addition, he is credited with building the Rajarajeswaram temple, which is considered one of the greatest examples of Chola architecture.

Name Uttama Chola
Real NameMadurantaka
Timeline973 to 985 CE
MotherParantakan Madevadigal
SuccessorRaja Raja Chola I
SonMadurantaka Gandaraditya
Uttama Chola or Madurantakam Chola

Who was Uttama Chola?

Uttama Chola was a Chola emperor who ruled from 973 to 985 CE in Southern India. Further, he was known for his military conquests, which expanded the Chola Empire and brought it to its greatest extent. He defeated the Pandyas and the Sinhalese and also extended Chola control over the islands of Sri Lanka.

Uttama Chola’s father died when he was young and his uncle ” Arinjaya Chola“, and his son Parantaka II succeeded. But, after his death, he took over the throne of the empire.

Wives of Uttama Chola

  1.  Orattanan Sorabbaiyar
  2. Siddhavadavan Suttiyar
  3. Tribhuvana Mahadeviyar
  4. Kaduvettigal Nandippottairaiyar

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Uttama Chola’s Contribution to Chola Empire

  • Military Conquests of Uttama Chola:
    • He was known for his military conquests and expansion of the Chola empire.
    • He is credited with extending the empire’s control over parts of Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and the Laccadive Islands.
    • Moreover, he also conducted successful campaigns against the Eastern Chalukyas and the Kadambas of Banavasi.
  • Patronage of Art and Architecture:
    • Uttama Chola was a patron of art and architecture, and several important temples were built during his reign.
    • One of the most notable is the Sri Ullagaladar Temple, which was dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
    • Further, he contributed a lot to the following temples:
      • Thirunaraiyur
      • Kumbakonam,
      • Thirunallam
      • Thirupatturai
      • Thiruvalangadu
      • Thirunedugalam
      • Thiruvallarai
  • Administrative Reforms:
    • He is also known for implementing various administrative reforms during his reign.
    • He divided the empire into smaller provinces, each governed by a viceroy appointed by the emperor.
    • This decentralization of power helped in the efficient administration and management of the empire.
    • Moreover, a well-organized system of taxation and revenue collection was established which helped in the financial stability of the empire.
  • Cultural Achievements:
    • He was known for his interest in literature, music, and dance.
    • He patronized many poets, scholars, and artists, and several literary works were produced during his reign.
    • In addition, he was also known for his interest in music and dance, and he established a Royal Music Academy, which played a significant role in the development of classical music and dance in southern India.
  • Building Projects:
    • Building projects and several architectural monuments and structures were built during his reign.
    • Apart from temples, he also built palaces, irrigation systems, and public works like tanks, dams, and canals.
    • These building projects not only helped in the development of infrastructure but also provided employment opportunities to the local population.
Uttama chola-Father Wife Son
Uttama Chola/Madurantakam Chola

Succession of Madurantakam Chola

Uttama Chola’s death marked the end of the Chola dynasty’s golden age and the empire’s decline. He had a son named Madurantaka Gandaraditya, who was not able to maintain the empire’s glory and power. After some time, the Chola empire gradually weakened and succeeded by Parantaka II’s son, Raja Raja Chola I.


In conclusion, Uttama Chola was a significant ruler of the Chola dynasty who made notable contributions in various fields like military, art, architecture, administration, economy, culture, and diplomacy. His reign marked the peak of the Chola Empire’s power and influence and his legacy has been an important part of South Indian history.

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Who was Uttama Chola?

Uttama Chola was a ruler of the Chola dynasty, which was one of the longest-ruling dynasties in the history of southern India. He ruled during the period of the Later Cholas and was known for his contributions to the expansion of the Chola Empire, as well as his achievements in the fields of art, architecture, and religion.

What are some of the famous buildings constructed by Uttama Chola?

It is not specifically known which buildings were constructed by Uttama, as the Chola dynasty built many grand temples and other structures during their reign.

What were the contributions of Uttama Chola to the Chola Empire?

Uttama Chola is considered one of the greatest emperors of the Chola dynasty, known for his military conquests, administration, and cultural achievements. He is credited with building many grand temples and other structures that stand as architectural marvels to this day.

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