The Battle of Haldighati: Maharana Pratap vs Akbar(Complete History)

If we look at the pages of history, we will know that the land of India has seen many wars till now. Many of these wars were fought to drive out foreign invasions and some for the expansion of the kingdom. But one of these battles was such that it was fought to save its pride and self-respect, the name of this battle is the Battle of Haldighati.

Overview of the Battle of Haldighati

Back in the 16th century, Mewar used to be a prominent province. If we talk about the map, it was located in the South Eastern part of Rajasthan. We are talking about Mewar because this princely state had a relationship with the warrior who created the story of his bravery in the Battle of Haldighati.

Date18th June 1576
LocationKhamnore village in Rajasthan
BetweenAkbar and Maharana Pratap
ResultNo result
Battle of Haldighati

The Battle of Haldighati was fought between Maharana Pratap and Akbar. When, where, and for what reasons the battle of Haldighati was fought, before finding answers to all these questions, let us look at the small biography of Maharana Pratap.

Early Life of Maharana Pratap

On 9th May 1950, “Kika” was born in the house of Raja Uday Singh of Mewar and Maharani Jaiwanta Bai. Kika was Eldest son of Uday Singh and Jaiwanta Bai. Kika was the childhood name of Maharana Pratap.

Maharana Pratap’s life was spent with the Bhil community and he grew up playing sports with he grew up with the children of the Bhil community and learned the art of warfare. Further, People of the Bhil community used to call their son “Kika”, that is why Bhil used to call Maharana Pratap “Kika”.

When it came time to take over the throne of Mewar, Raja Uday Singh made Kunwar Jagmal, the son of his beloved queen Dheer Bai, his successor. But due to the disagreement of many people, the throne was handed over to Pratap.

On 28 Feb 1572, Maharana Pratap ascended the throne at the age of 32. This was the period when the Mughal influence was increasing in India, and Akbar was the Sultan of the Mughals. Further, Akbar had taken control of many parts of the country and he tried his best to get the princely states that he could not capture.

Mewar vs Mughals

Mewar was the only princely state which Akbar could not capture, and the desire to take Mewar under his control was increasing day by day. After all, what was the specialty of Mewar that Akbar wanted to take Mewar under his control?

Why did Akbar want to capture Mewar?

  1. Akbar’s imperial policy was to bring Rajput provinces under the Mughal empire. Some states were merged into their empire through treaties, some themselves accepted Akbar’s sovereignty, and with some states, Akbar made matrimonial relations.
  2. Another reason for bringing Mewar under the Mughal empire was its geostrategic location. Trade, commerce, and military campaign routes from Delhi and Agra to the ports of Gujarat, and from Malwan to Deccan, passed through Mewar.

However, Akbar did not want to make Mewar his own through battle, rather he wanted Mewar to accept his sovereignty peacefully, without any coercion. For this Akbar sent several treaty proposals to Maharana Pratap so that he would accept the submission. But this was not acceptable to Maharana Pratap and showed no interest in any of Akbar’s treaties.

Due to the accession of the neighboring states to the Mughals, The financial situation of Mewar province was not good and many loyalists of Pratap got along with Akbar. Further, his brother Jagmal Singh also joined Akbar.

Taking advantage of all this, Akbar left two options for Pratap, the first one was to accept the suzerainty and live his life happily and the second one was to choose his independent existence. Maharana Pratap did not give in and as a result, the Battle of Haldighati took place.

The Beginning of the Battle

Battle of Haldighati
Battle of Haldighati

Significantly, despite all the efforts of Akbar, Pratap did not accept Akbar’s subordination, so Akbar ordered to attack Mewar. The famous battle took place at a field near Khamnore village in the Raisamand district of Rajasthan. Due to the yellow color of the soil here, this is named Haldighati.

After all, those who were involved in this war, let us give you some information about it too.

Maharana Pratap’s WarriorsMughal’s Warriors
Hakim Khan Suri (Led Maharana Pratap’s Troops)Mansingh Kachwaha (Led Mughal’s Troops)
Rana Poonja BhilJagannath Kachhwaha
BhamashahMadho Singh Kachhwaha
TarachandSyed Hashim
Raja Ramshah TomarJagmal
Ramdas BadnoreShakti Singh
Bhim Singh DodiyaBahlul Khan
Jhala MansinghBadauni
List of some warriors in the Battle of Haldighati

Badauni was fighting on the side of the Mughal army and going ahead, he described the Battle of Haldighati in the Muntakhab-ut-Tawarikh. Elephants and horses were also brought down in this battle, Chetak was the famous horse of Maharana Pratap. This was the horse that gave its life to save the life of its master. On the other hand, Raja Man Singh’s elephant’s name was Mardana and Akbar’s horse’s name was Hawai.

Battle of Haldighati

  • The Battle of Haldighati took place on 18th June 1576 AD. Maharana Pratap’s very first attack was very strong, and many Mughal soldiers ran away, seeing the opportunity Bhadohi himself also fled.
  • Looking at the situation, Mihtar Khan, in charge of the Mughal army, spread this rumor that Emperor Akbar himself is coming to war with the royal army. After hearing about Akbar’s cooperation, the Mughal soldiers got courage.
  • After this, both armies clashed near the banks of the river Banas. In both Battles, Mughal Army was routed by Maharana Pratap’s troops.
  • Raja Mansingh somehow gathered his army, and after that, both armies clashed in the elephant war, it was called the elephant war because a squad of elephants was also brought into the war.
  • Arrows and cannons started raining from the side of the Mughal army. Then Maharana Pratap sent his two elephants “Luna and Ramprasad” into battle. Further, Khanderao and Chaktrawat were two famous elephants in Pratap’s troops.
  • Luna and Ramprasad were captured by the Mughals, and the desire to kill Raja Mansingh also failed.
  • Mansingh was sitting on his elephant Mardana while Pratap was on his horse Chetak, Chetak put his foot on Mansingh’s elephant and Pratap attacked Mansingh with his spear, but this attack was not successful.
  • But in all this one leg of Chetak had been injured and now Maharana’s defeat seems certain.
  • Seeing Pratap’s life in danger in the war, Jhala Bida, a warrior of Pratap’s army, fought to wear Pratap’s crown. Due to this crown, Maharana Pratap could be easily identified, and the Mughal army started targeting him instead of Maharana Pratap.
  • The Maharana was persuaded and sent away from the battlefield while saving Pratap’s life, and Jhala Bida himself attained martyrdom in the Battle of Haldighati.
  • Eventually, Maharana Pratap had to leave the battle and he went towards the hill with his wounded horse but could not go far.
  • Chetak was badly injured and gave up his life after taking his master to a safe place. Maharana Pratap cremated his beloved horse at a place called Balicha and paid tribute to him.

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Who won the Battle of Haldighati?

Significantly, there was no result of the Battle of Haldighati, the reason for this was that Akbar was not able to capture Maharana Pratap alive or dead, although he had captured many parts of Mehwar.

But this story does not end here, after this battle, Maharana Pratap goes to the hills of Aravalli and from there he started carrying out his mission. He started a guerrilla war with the Mughal empire to win back his province.

Death of Maharana Pratap

After some time, he regained control over many parts, and Chawand became the capital of this new empire of Maharana Pratap. He was slowly reaching the last stage of his age. On 19th February 1597 AD, Maharana Pratap died at Bandoli near Chawand.

Among whom the Battle of Haldighati was fought?

The Battle of Haldighati was fought between Maharana Pratap and Emperor Akbar on 18th June 1576 in Rajasthan.

Who won the Battle of Haldighati?

As Akbar was not able to capture Maharana Pratap, So there so no such result of the Battle of Haldighati. However, the Mughals successfully captured the Mawar region.

When did the Battle of Haldighati took place?

The Battle of Haldighati took place on 18th June 1576 in Khamnore village, Rajasthan.

How did Maharana Pratap died?

There was no specific reason for the death of Maharana Pratap, On 19th February 1597 AD he left this world just because of his old age.


Irrespective of the result of the Battle of Haldighati, a great example of courage and bravery was presented in this war. The Battle of Haldighati is an excellent demonstration of courage, determination, and loyalty to the motherland. That’s why Maharana Pratap’s name is taken with great respect in Indian history.

His name is immortal today for his bravery, sacrifice, courage, and determination. Today he is called “Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap“. Akbar said that whenever the name of Maharana Pratap and Akbar would be taken, then before Akbar, the name of Maharana Pratap would be taken respectfully all over India.

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