Kurram Copper Plate Inscription [7th Century AD]

What is Kurram Copper Plate Inscription?

The Kurram Copper Plate Inscription is a historical record unearthed in the Kurram Valley of modern-day Pakistan dating back to the 7th century AD. The inscription, inscribed on copper plates in the Brahmi script, is said to have been issued by the monarch of Pushkalavati, a city in ancient Gandhara. The inscription includes details on the emperor and his accomplishments, as well as legal and economic issues of the time. It is regarded as a valuable historical item for comprehending ancient Gandhara’s history and culture.

InscriptionKurram Copper Plate Inscription
Located in Pakistan
During7th Century AD
Related to Pushkalavati City
Belongs toVikrama
Kurram Copper Plate Inscription

Significance of Kurram Copper Plate Inscription

The Kurram Copper Plate Inscription is regarded as a significant historical relic for comprehending the political, social, and economic situations of ancient Gandhara in the seventh century AD. It also contains useful information regarding the evolution of the Brahmi script and the usage of copper plate inscriptions to preserve historical facts.

The ruler’s name is mentioned in the inscription as “Vikrama” who is said to have been a great monarch of Pushkalavati city. His father, mother, and queen are all mentioned in the inscription. Further, the inscription has numerous lines that discuss the land donation and tax breaks offered to select Brahmins, as well as the construction of a temple.

The inscription is presently kept in Pakistan and is regarded as a national treasure.

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What is Kurram Copper Plate Inscription?

The Kurram Copper Plate Inscription is a significant historical artifact that was discovered in the Kurram Valley region of present-day Pakistan. This record, made from copper plates, dates back to the 7th century AD and provides valuable insights into the history of the region during that time period.

Where is Kurram Copper Plate Inscription located?

Kurram Copper Plate Inscription is located in Pakistan, it mentions a ruler by the name of “Vikrama”, who was believed to have been a highly revered and powerful king in the city of Pushkalavati.

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