Why Mig 21 is called a Flying Coffin – Is Mig 21 Flying Coffin?

Why Mig 21 is called a flying coffin? Is MiG 21 flying coffin? Recently very sad incident came to light when it came to know that the MiG 21 which is also known as Flying Coffin crashed in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. Moreover, two pilots attained martyrdom. We will understand in detail what is actually happening, but which is the most important issue regarding MiG 21, it is often reported that MiG 21 crashed.

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Mig 21 Flying Coffin

The MiG-21 was first acquired by the Soviet Union in 1963. It is a single-engine multirole fighter and ground attack aircraft. The upgraded version of MiG 21 is called “MiG 21 bison”. Because of this, various features like avionics, and powerful multimode radars were added. In earlier times there used to be many squadrons. You must have heard that the Indian Air Force has many squadrons, it is said that there are around 33 squadrons. Moreover, each squadron is having 16 Aircraft and 2 Trainers Aircraft.

Today, only 3-4 squadrons are left of MiG21 of the Indian Air force. Earlier it used to support the Indian Air Force in very huge numbers, but gradually its number was reduced. Further, If you look at the history of India, then MiG 21 has supported the Indian Air Force very well.

Problem of MIG-21

Why is Mig 21 flying coffin? The problem is that the MiG21 has been around for a long time, even if you kind of say we are upgrading it. But still, it is so old that there are constant problems with it. Since 1963, 872 Mig-21s have been inducted by IAF. In the past 51 years, over 400Mig-21s have crashed and killed more than 200 pilots and almost 50 Civilians on the ground. Due to the crashes, it is repeatedly demanded that these fighter jets should be removed from the Indian Air Force at the earliest. And as far as Indian Air Force is concerned, they have repeatedly assured people that we do not compromise on anything here.

Further, It is said that the MiG21 has become useless, but we check them properly whether they are fit to be injected or not, no matter how old they are.

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When Mig 21 will be replaced?

Indian Government has approved 82 Indigenous Build Tejas Jet to be inducted in Indian Air Force for about 48000 Crore. Now slowly Tejas aircraft is trying to replace MiG 21. As I told you that the number of MiG 21 was so high that it was not possible to reply to them immediately. So, 12 Squadrons of Sukhoi-30 MKI have replaced MiG-21. Aircraft Sukhoi-30 is very much superior to MiG 21. Moreover, Sukhoi-30 is able to carry an 8.5-ton weapon payload whereas Mig 21 can only kya re 2 tons of armament. So, we can say Sukhoi-30 is four times better than the MiG-21 aircraft.

Squadrons with Indian Air Force

Currently, the Indian Air Force has 33 fighter aircraft squadrons. Moreover, the squadron has 16 aircraft and two training aircraft, which are two-seater. If we are talking about numbers, then IAF has 500 fighter aircraft. But the question is, how many squadrons should the Indian Air Force have? So that we can say, this amount is sufficient to fight a two-front war, with Pakistan and China simultaneously.

In 1960, the committee was formed under the chairmanship of JRD Tata(Pioneer of industry icon and Indian aviation). As per the committee, 42 fighter squadrons are sufficient to counter threats from erstwhile West Pakistan, East Pakistan, and China. At that time, MiG-21 was not inducted into Indian Air Force. Subsequently, MiG-21 was brought to replace US-based aircraft. Most of the aircraft have been retired from Indian Air Force, except some. However, this will also exit the Indian Air Force over the next few years.

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