Health Minister Naba Kishore Das Survives Shooting by Sub Inspector in Odisha

It appears that Naba Kishore Das, the health minister of Odisha, was critically injured in a shooting incident that occurred earlier today in the Jharsuguda district. According to the information provided, the shooting was carried out by an assistant sub-inspector. The reason for the shooting and the current condition of the Health Minister is not specified. However, it is a serious matter, and I hope that the authorities take appropriate action and the Health Minister gets medical attention required.

The information provided suggests that a video exists that captures the moment when the Health Minister of Odisha, Naba Kishore Das, was shot by an assistant sub-inspector. The video apparently shows the minister bleeding from the chest as people rush to assist him and carry him to a local hospital in a car. The video also states that when the minister arrived at the event, a large crowd had gathered to welcome him, but suddenly gunshots were heard and a cop was seen running away after firing at the minister.

That is an update on the situation, it appears that Mr. Das was airlifted to a hospital in Bhubaneswar for further medical attention after the incident. His condition is reported to be critical, according to officials. It is important that the authorities are investigating the shooting incident and determining the motives of the assistant sub-inspector, as well as ensuring that Mr. Das receives the best possible medical care. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the Health Minister, as well as with the people of Odisha during this difficult time.

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