Social Media BOON or BANE (Essay for UPSC in 1000 Words)

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Introduction: Social Media Boon or Bane Essay

In this age of the 21st century when interaction across the globe, transcends all the social barriers with the technological social media platform. Moreover, it is just a stroke of a mouse or a touch of a Smartphone. Platforms that interconnected the whole world to learn a revolution in Tanisha and Libya.The revolution that breaks the sultanates. Autocratic rulers like Gaddafi is the misusing the same platform for the election of the president of the oldest democracy.

Donald Trump, to the feeling hearts of common Britain to Brexit. Isn’t it a reason to comment that a technology platform that uses shaped for us is ultimately shaping us? Lamenting the deteriorating relationship between nature and man and man with society. The greatest poet of his Times, William Wordsworth wrote:

If we are all being sent from heaven,
If such was a Naturals Holy plan,
Isn’t it a reason to lament?
What has man made of man?

Long Social Media Boon or Bane Essay

Social media is the technological dream of the 20th century and the reality of the 21st century. That help in providing information to the wide public across the globe with one stroke of a mouse. But, unfortunately, social media whose name itself precedes “social” has turned out to be a “Nihilistic Tendency”.

For example, on Marina Beach, a group of friends is clicking selfies with a dying girl rather than helping her. Isn’t the tool of love and compassion that we “shaped for ourselves” actually “shaping ourselves”? Isn’t it a reason to lament What man has made of a man? Further, social media has turned us social.

Moreover, in Psychological science journals in the last 25 years, with the advent of the World Wide Web, people might have broken the barrier across social boundaries. But, it has increased the emotional distance between the family members. About 62% population using social media wishes “good morning” on social groups but unfortunately less than 6% start a day by wishing family members. The platform that we shaped ourselves has started shaping us.

Why social media is a Boon to Society?

Further, our likes, and dislikes are all being regulated by big social media companies, which are using it as a nudge unit to transform our choices. Even a click or simple Google search can lead to mails of respective products for commercial companies in the form of offers, and cashback to ultimately force one to buy that product. That’s how the cobweb of social media engulfs us.

Moreover, political parties start using these nudge units, which is a major threat. Even the radical organizations that are distributing the social fabric of the country. As per the report of the Institute of “Economics and peace“, every year millions of dollars are shelled out. Which use to shape social media platforms to radicalize and ultimately shape the opinion of the common man. It has cost the world every year 1 to 2% of global GDP.

Social media has turned into a vicious cycle. Both parents working and access to unrestricted use of social media have transformed the enculturation process. Moreover, turning children into devils disturbs the balance of society. Blue whale game, misinterpretation of religious texts, and communal trolls are just the manifestations. Hence, it engulfed the man into the cobwebs of social media and harmed him.

How Social Media is Useful?

social media boon or bane
How Social Media is Useful?

It’s the two-way process that is not only forming but strengthening the social contract, resulting in a new form of social barriers that reduce it. Although, social media is a devil in itself. It shaped the opinion of the world when Bhutan face the crisis at the hands of China. It has transformed the opinion and pressurized the European Union for rehabilitating refugees.

Moreover, it also strengthens the love and affection for art, music, and architecture between the people of India and Pakistan. Those have fought battles on the western border and on the Eastern border. Hence, it’s not only a two-way process of shaping opinion but also strengthening bonds and overcoming enmities.

Moreover, the problem doesn’t lie with social media. It’s a tool, we shape ourselves, “the way we want to”. Further, there is no doubt social media has become a powerful means to transfer the opinion of whom and to what extent. As per the World Bank report, on digital dividends, still, two-thirds of people in the world don’t have access to the internet.

The two-way enculturation process of social media will become a boon than a bane. So that it should not become a reason to lament but a festival of celebration. Deciphering the true nature holy plan of the building of a just and compassionate society to the bonds transcends all social and geographical boundaries. That’s, what, Man should and someday will be made of Man!

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