Sudarshan Lake: History of Built & Repaired


Sudarshan Lake, also known as the beautiful water lake, sits on Girnaar Hill in Saurashtra. It was originally built by order of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Maurya dynasty, and constructed by the appointed governor Pushyagupta Vaishya.

Who Built Sudarshan Lake?

Sudarshan Lake was originally constructed by the order of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Maurya dynasty. It was built by a governor named Pushyagupta Vaishya, who was appointed in Girnaar.

Who Repaired Lake Sudarshan?

Throughout history, Sudarshan Lake was repaired and reconstructed by various rulers and officials. Here are some notable instances:

  1. Emperor Ashoka’s advisor, Tushasp: He rebuilt and strengthened the lake during the post-Mauryan period.
  2. Suvishakh, governor of Saurashtra during Rudradaman’s rule: He reconstructed the lake in the era of the Shaka ruler Rudradaman.
  3. Chakrapalit, son of Parnadatta: He was the provincial governor of Saurashtra during Skandagupta’s reign. He reconstructed the lake and also constructed a dam on it, using funds provided by Skandagupta.

These repairs and reconstructions were carried out at different times in history due to factors such as excessive rainfall causing damage to the dam.

History of Sudarshan Lake

Chronology of Sudarshan Lake’s History:

  1. 4th Century BCE: Constructed by Pushyagupta Vaishya under the orders of Chandragupta Maurya.
  2. 3rd Century BCE: Restoration and fortification led by Emperor Ashoka’s advisor, Tushasp.
  3. 2nd Century CE: Sudarshan Lake underwent reconstruction during the reign of Shaka ruler Rudradaman.
  4. 4th Century CE: The Gupta dynasty ordered the lake’s reconstruction during the rule of Skandagupta.
  5. 150-151 AD: Rudradaman’s Junagarh Inscription provides historical information about the lake’s origins.
  6. 2nd Century CE: The Dam of Sudarshan Lake was damaged during Rudradaman’s reign and repaired by Suvishakh, the provincial governor of Saurashtra.
  7. 4th Century CE: Damaged again during Skandagupta’s reign, reconstructed by Chakrapalit, the son of Parnadatta and provincial governor of Saurashtra.

The Junagarh inscription of Rudradaman, dating back to Shak Samvat 72 (150-151 AD), provides invaluable historical insights into the Sudarshan Lake. According to this inscription, the lake’s original creation can be attributed to Pushyagupta, the provincial governor of Chandragupta Maurya. Over the centuries, it evolved and adapted to the changing needs of the region.

During Rudradaman’s time, the dam of the lake suffered damage due to excessive rainfall, and it was promptly repaired by Suvishakh, the provincial governor. Similarly, during Skandagupta’s reign, the lake’s dam was once again breached by the forces of nature. However, Chakrapalit, in a display of dedication to his people, undertook the task of reconstruction, ensuring that the lake continued to provide for the region.

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Sudarshan Lake, on Girnaar Hill, is a testament to Indian ingenuity and resilience. Crafted by Chandragupta Maurya and restored by various rulers, it stands as a vital water source and a living piece of history. This ancient reservoir embodies the value of water in shaping civilizations and sustaining life.

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