Essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC in 1000 Words

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Essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC

Introduction to an Essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC:

Artificial intelligence in basic terms can be explained as the machine has to work as per human intelligence by analyzing data on human behavior. Simply it is a machine with human cognition. Although the human brain is too complex to be codified, this is an attempt to analyze and use human cognition in machine work. 

Artificial intelligence will bring revolutionary changes in humans’ different aspects of life from basic robotics to advanced Internet of Things (IoT) will be a reality with the help of artificial intelligence. In this essay, we shall try to understand the different applications of artificial intelligence in different fields viz. health, education, sports,  environment, culture protection, agriculture, legal proceeding, and other areas for different age groups and a different section of society.

The Discovery of fire was supposed to be the first invention by humans, then scientific laws machines industry space, and much more. After exploring limitless knowledge humans went back to base for all such inventions, thus he tried to manifest that cognition in machines too.

Artificial intelligence is an aggregate of different advanced Technologies like robotics, 5G internet services, data interpretation, machine learning, internet, and a few others. it can be said that artificial intelligence is the sum of all the inventions made by humans. Further, Implications will travel through the whole social economic fabric of society. 

Now, in order to make our essay strong, we will also mention various sectors in the Essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Internet of Things
  • Gender Equality

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture Sector

Artificial Intelligence and Agriculture will be the bridge between the most basic form of Technology (farming and seeding) and the most advanced form of technology which is artificial intelligence. Weather forecasting, soil sensor, agriculture bots, crop production,  productivity monitoring, and predictive analytics are some uses of artificial intelligence in agriculture.

This help farmer to raise their income level and reach the benefits of the most advanced human efforts to the last section of society. 

Artificial Intelligence in Education Sector

Essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC
Essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC

Education with artificial intelligence will drastically change the learning outcomes of different age groups of students. From Primary School to University students, every student can gain benefits from advanced visual effects, simplification of tasks, 3D models, and much more. Artificial intelligence will ensure inclusive growth by spreading education where the presence of good quality education was limited.

Artificial Intelligence in Health Sector

Health is a dynamic sector, where the new virus,  bacteria, and environmental changes are ready to challenge the immunity of humans. So, there is a need for advanced levels of data analysis, diagnosis, lab facilities, and advanced research on the basic block of life like DNA & RNA, which will be the premise of artificial intelligence. Sports injuries, bone joint pain, and other diseases can be better explained and understood by 3D modeling. 

IoT & Artificial intelligence

The internet of things will connect different electronic instruments, These facilities are provided to users in the most sophisticated manner. sports sector will analyze different Physio muscular actions, and force generation by different parts thus will take sports to new heights. Similarly, to take care more properly, different day-to-day activities will be simplified for humans, special for old people and children.

Women & Artificial intelligence

Women will have an opportunity to use the scope of artificial intelligence to fill the gap generated by gender discrimination. Women’s security and scope of employment will surely be going to enhance with the advent of artificial intelligence. Although the implications of artificial intelligence are very much speculative for each section, the potential to bring changes cannot be denied.

India & Artificial Intelligence

The world is going behind in the optimum utilization of artificial intelligence, and India is not far behind and making advancements in the field of AI. Further, India is a poor social economic indicator, and cannot able to put much of its financial resources into research and development of artificial intelligence. However, IITs, Niti Aayog, and IISc are making efforts in the field of artificial intelligence. India has much potential for the application of artificial intelligence in improving its weak socioeconomic indicator. 

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Challenges in the Essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC

The path of A.I. is not full of roses, especially for India, where even literacy rate is around 70, Big infrastructure, less research and development, and less investment. The large-scale involvement of artificial intelligence will bring automation in industries which is not suitable for India which is full of the labor force. AI  will create several jobs but it will require skilled labor. Thus, Unemployment might come with artificial intelligence.

A Less literacy rate,  24.9% population is below the poverty line, and an insignificant portion of the population with digital literacy. India might suffer a technological shock with the full-fledged advent of artificial intelligence. being a double side sword, These high-end technologies need to be implemented in a phased manner. 

Government Step for Artificial Intelligence

We should mention some government steps in the Essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC:

  • In 2018, Niti Aayog has published a paper on artificial intelligence in which the Indian government with its project like “Bharat Net” along with help from private ventures like Google’s loan project has worked to create internet infrastructure in the country, which will bare for artificial intelligence.
  • Skill India program will provide a skilled labor force required for infrastructural creation for artificial intelligence, with lakh engineering students coming out every year. India is fully ready to take optimal advantage of opportunities created by the prospect of artificial intelligence.

Negative aspects of Artificial Intelligence

The essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC must contain some points of Negative Aspects of Artificial Intelligence:

  • Although artificial intelligence has a bright prospect in every aspect of human life, still it has left many grey areas which can be dangerous for mankind, which was manifested in one Bollywood movie named ‘Robot’. Many argue that any step against basic nature will invite troublesome results for the whole of mankind. 
  • Another concern, if these highly cutting-edge technologies are acquired by terrorists or used by countries in warfare against each other, then it would be a threat to human existence. Terrorists might use these above technologies in cyber attacks, and automated attacks. 


In order to conclude an Essay on Artificial Intelligence for UPSC, you need to mention strong points as follows:

“Technology/ machine is a good servant, not a good master”, with the coming era of artificial intelligence, humanity should think along the above sideline. The potential of artificial intelligence must be seen from the lenses of humanity.

According to Gandhiji, “ Science without morality is a sin”, thus Morality should be there while exploring new horizons of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence must be used to glorify humanity as a whole, not for the blind race of development. Artificial intelligence is truly capable to bring advancement to humans ensuring inclusive growth. Limitless horizons of application of artificial intelligence are a new thirst for human cognition.

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