Technology Cannot Replace Manpower | UPSC Essay

Technology cannot replace manpower(Essay for UPSC with Examples)

Why Technology Cannot Replace Manpower?

The world where we are living is loaded with technology. Technology is a commitment to human beings and this technology is causing us today by making our work more straightforward. For example, from covering great distances by foot to traveling by air, sending letters across the land to receiving mail in seconds, from using gold and silver coins to the invention of plastic money or bitcoins and other such sources. However, these all are happened because of technology. But, technology cannot replace manpower.

The world today is a technology-driven full of gadgets, devices, duo mobile, transport facilities, medical facilities, banking, etc. Behind all these technological advancements, it was the human mind who invented and make life easier for everyone. Moreover, humans are bestowed with a great gift by nature that can do such wonder. Additionally, inventors like Salim Ali, APJ Abdul Kalam, Thomas Edison, B. Franklin, and others contributed a lot to mankind with their manpower planning. However, their inventions make our life easy and can reduce manpower. But, technology cannot replace manpower.

Is Technology Over Manpower?

The advancement and progress which we see today are the gifts of science. Whether in the field of science, space, health, defense, computer, etc. But, all credit goes to humans who thought in such a way of doing things.

Some examples of global manpower:

Thomas Edison– thousands of inventions including the phonograph, the electric light bulb, the movie camera, the microphone, and alkaline batteries.

APJ Abdul Kalam– was the project director of India’s first indigenous satellite launch vehicle which successfully deployed the Rohini satellite near earth’s orbit in 1980.

Benjamin Franklin– legacy includes the lightning conductor, bifocal lenses and according to some, the first experiment in nanoscience.

Visvesvaraya– has the credit for inventing automatic sluice gates and Block Irrigation systems which are still considered to be marvels in engineering.
The list goes on, humans today, live a longer and more secure life as compared to old times just because of science and technology.

Moreover, During the corona crisis, millions of people died but, millions of people survived due to the invention of different vaccines like Covaxin, Covishield, Moderna, Sputnik, etc. Moreover, In the area of defense, countries are spending enormously on the security of the nation. Manpower Services in artificial intelligence played a great role in developing powerful satellites.

Meanwhile, there have been disadvantages for low-skilled and paid workers. We are already in an era where we are facing an acute employment shortage. As we know, self-driving cars will eliminate the need for drivers, and food delivery through drones has reduced the delivery burden of restaurants.
Therefore, technology surely helps us make things easy. But, it can never be used as a substitution for manpower. Thus, technology is completely dependent upon human interventions.

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