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Essay on Climate Change for UPSC in 1000 Words

Climate change doesn’t simply mean an increase in the temperature of the earth, but uncertainty in the climate cycle. Moreover, an abrupt form of El Nino, that costs the Indian monsoon and results in thousands of farmers’ suicide. As per World Meteorological Organization, there has been an increase in 1.05 degrees celsius temperature today as compared to pre-industrial levels. The result shows 13 out of 20 abrupt climate changes in post-1900. hence, it is a true climate change.

In recent times developed countries like the US denied reality but just a normal climate cycle. Moreover with an idea to ensure our economic development without understanding the catastrophic impact on human sustainability on earth.

The climate change denial problem highlights the staggering morality in the hands of developed nations. These Nations pollute the environment for their national development. Now, they are not even ready to contribute to mitigating its impact.

COP21(Paris Climate) Conference on Climate Change for UPSC

At the Paris Climate change meeting,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for climate justice. Moreover, the key to what did India step toward reducing emissions was in the form of the intended National Development contribution (INDC). But, 8 he also asks to get developed. So that every human life is equal. He asked all the Nations not to shy away from our responsibilities.

Further, India came up with an innovative approach to capitalize on solar energy being a part of tropical countries and formed an Organisation called the International Solar Alliance(ISA).

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What is International Solar Alliance(ISA)?

International Solar Alliance is an intergovernmental organization in which countries will work on solar energy. The headquarters is in Gurugram, India. Further, the International Solar Alliance is the brainchild of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was announced in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement(COP21) of UNFCCC( United Nations Framework Convention on climate change).

However, its first meeting was held in the Paris climate agreement, in 2016. “Sun never set” is a tagline of ISA. This means a solar grid will be set up all over the world in various countries to generate solar energy.  The main purpose of ISA is to decrease the dependency of the world on non-renewable sources of energy.


Convention took place in 1992, in Rio de Janeiro also called as First Earth Summit. The aim is to prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system. Recently, the COP26 summit of  UNFCCC in Glasgow.

COP26: UN Climate Change Conference 2021

Key findings of the UN climate change conference:
  • Net Zero carbon emission by 2050.
  • Build a warning system and resilient infrastructure to protect livelihood.
  • Switch to electric vehicles as soon as possible.
  • Give final shape to Paris Rule Book.
  • Increase finance to reach targets.

Now let’s add value to the essay on climate change for UPSC with cost analysis and benefits.

What are the cost analysis & benefits of climate change for UPSC?

  • One of the most perceivable benefits is boosting economic growth. Which is facing the heat of global slowdown. But, we forget to take into account the cost of climate change, which we spend in the form of rehabilitation people from catastrophic events like floods and droughts.
  • As per the economic survey, every year India spends about 10 billion dollars on average to mitigate the impact. Further, it’s the underprivileged section of society, forced to live near rivers, and sea coast to attain their livelihood. Hence, climate change is neither economically viable nor morally justifiable.
  • Second, the argument in favor of denial is providing jobs to its people. However, people argue with a complete focus on industrialization without the constraint of emissions. But, as per the intergovernmental panel on climate change(IPCC), about 0.1-0.2 meters of sea level has already increased.
  • Moreover, if we cross to degree Celsius by 2100 AD, we will lose 20 million life. Isn’t it morally wrong to aspire for economic development, putting human life at stake?
  • Third, it provides Social Justice, as a huge amount of people are living in poverty, even in humane conditions in developing countries like India, Africa, etc. Moreover, climate change can result in future climate wars. As TK Solomon says, ” there might be many Fought for oil in the 20th century,  if there is any war in the 21st century, it will be for water. The extinction of the water crisis can be understood in tenure.
  • Moreover, they have to declare an emergency and call defense forces to deliver a minimum amount of water in a just manner. Hence humans can face extinction in front of an Angry environment in form of climate change.

Causes of Climate Change on the World

  1. Greenhouse Effect
  2. Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Effect
  3. Milankovitch Principle theory
  4. Carbon Dioxide Theory by T.C. Chamberlin
  5. Continental Drift Theory
  6. Plate Techtonic Theory
  7. Volcanic Dust
essay on climate change for upsc

How can we reduce Global Warming?

Moving forward from nationalities, we as individuals have to come forward with innovative steps. Like Manoj Bhargava, who invested about 90% of their wealth in making a cost-effective model of converting salty seawater into drinking water. Similarly, finding new sources of energy like the earth’s inner heat at a depth of 1000meter as a source of energy.

No doubt, we are facing an economic slowdown, poverty, jobless growth, threat of losing our demographic dividend. But, that doesn’t allow us to go for climate change denial. Moreover, even small steps like planting trees can take a forward to climate justice. It is the feeling of compassion and love.


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