Essay on Education for UPSC in 500 Words

INTRODUCTION to Essay on Education

How to write an Essay on Education for UPSC, we need to understand the key points of the essay. So, what are these points? Firstly, you need to give an introduction to education. Secondly, try to go background of education i.e. History of education. Thirdly,  tell about the problems in the education system with recent examples. After that, give certain points to solve the problem of the education system. Lastly, conclude the whole essay.

Education is the most powerful tool by which you can change the world. However, not everyone knows the importance of education. But, it has a deep impact on students’ life. Additionally, in the 1950s, education hadn’t so popular but today we have progressed in education. Indian constitution provides education for all under Article 21 (A).

Although, Education word is derived from two Latin words “Educare” which means to train/ mold, and “educere” which means to lead out.

Historical Background in Essay on Education for UPSC

The earliest education system in India was known as the “Vedic system”. This system was based on “Gurukul” which fostered the bond between the Guru and the Shishya. Moreover, the world’s first university was established in Taxila in 700 BC.  In India, the university of Nalanda was established in the 4th century BC and dominated by Indian scholars like Chanakya. Patanjali made a seminal contribution to world knowledge in diverse fields such as mathematics, astrology, physics, medical science, etc.

However, during the freedom struggle, several leaders like Ram Mohan Roy and Mahatma Gandhi worked for a better education for our people.

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Issues of Education in India

Mention some major Issues and Challenges in the Essay on Education for UPSC :

  1. Infrastructure Facilities: Lack of infrastructure like classrooms, libraries, hotels, furniture, sports facilities, sanitation, drinking water, etc.
  2. Capacity Utilization: Strengthening the Indian education system is to improve capacity utilization.
  3. Student-Teacher ratio: In India, the ratio of student-teacher is very high as compared to certain comparable countries in the world.
  4. Study Abroad: According to Wikipedia, 1.23 lakhs students opted for higher education abroad. Among them, 76000 choose the U.S. as their education destination followed by the U.K., Canada, and Australia.
  5. PPP Model: The government is making efforts to improve the education system in terms of various parameters like investments, infrastructure, etc.

How to improve the education system in India?

  1. Innovation required: Educating millions of young people implies that we need to scale up our educational efforts. Despite having a large number of higher education institutes.
  2. Affordable Education: If education has to reach all deserving students, it should be made affordable. The fee structure in Government-owned/ Sponsored is inexpensive in India.
  3. Quality Education: Ministry of education should adopt certain benchmark techniques. After that, improving instruction models and administrative procedures in universities/ colleges to move forward.

In conclusion, India has one of the youngest populations in an aging world. Moreover, the medium age of India will be just 28, compared to china and 45 which have 37 and 45 respectively. Therefore, education with holistic perspectives is concerned with the development of every person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative, and spiritual potential.

We hope you like How to write an essay on education for UPSC. Moreover, We tried our best to tell you as much information as possible in a few points. You can further add the importance of education in an essay for UPSC.

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