Role of Creativity and Innovation in Development

In this article, we will discuss the role of creativity and innovation in development of the country, creativity and innovation examples, and the importance of creativity and innovation.

What is the Role of Creativity and Innovation in Development?

We often read about Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Abraham Lincoln. What is the common link between them? The first thing that came to our mind, all of them fought for the freedom of their nation.

But the thing that we often neglect is their Creative and Innovative Thinking through which they United the whole country for a common cause and successfully built the bond of nationhood. The innovation of Satyagraha turned the movement of the Elite, into a mass moment. Moreover,  Mandela’s innovative ways to unite the country with Oath and Reconciliation, and Lincoln’s ability to turn the issue of federalism into slavery. Thus, uniting the whole black community to the nation. That’s how all of them, turned the wings of growth and prosperity with their Innovative and Creative thinking.

But apparently, with the same innovation and creativity countries have moved forward with technological revolution. Some have given a fear of sustaining humanity on earth like the recent testing of a hydrogen bomb by North Korea. Isn’t innovation and creativity harbinger of growth and prosperity for successful National Building? Why we are facing a crisis with Innovation and creativity? Can we build a just society like Mahatma Gandhi, Mandela, and Lincoln?

Creativity and Innovation Examples

Creativity and innovation could be defined as, “Thinking out of the Box”, and finding alternate ways that can be more effective in outcomes. On the other hand, Swami Vivekanand defines nation-building as, “Strengthening bonds of Unity between the People”. Thus, not restricted to geographical or territorial boundaries.

Similarly, the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh is famous for Naxalism. A young civil servant O.P. Chaudhari comes up with innovative ideas. He got many death threat calls, and many times his subordinates didn’t support him. But he with his creative ideas of  ” Cholon Aasman”, and ” Nanhe Parindey” ensured education to tribal kids in their mother tongue. Thus, in the tenure of 3 years, he insured literacy boosting up from 27 % to 52%. Moreover, the children became agents of nation-building. Which were earlier attracted by Naxalism, due to unempathetic administration.

Similarly, in the 1960’s K. Kamaraj, the then Chief Minister was facing the twin challenges of low School attendance of children and low nutrient levels. There he came up with the innovative idea of the mid-day meal scheme. Which turned the fortune of the state by building excellent “Human Capital” with a healthy mind and body. But also drive investments before 1991 when the whole country was deprived of it. That is the role of creativity and innovation in development of the country.

Creativity and Innovation in the Environment

In recent times, various states are fighting with each other for water. A similar condition was in California(US), the whole coastal state was dried out of water. A young entrepreneur, Manoj Bhargava, came up with the idea of converting seawater to drinkable water in a cost-effective manner. Indeed, that has become a successful model. An innovation like this can solve the water problem of India. With a huge coastal length of 7516 kilometers but also reduces the conflict and builds the bonds of compassion and love between the states.

Role of Creativity and Innovation in Development

These innovative ideas have become much more important when a wave of materialism and hunger for power, increases. Moreover, the US which is one of the largest per capita carbon emitters refused to abide by the Paris Climate Deal. Moreover, China with a hunger for power. The Asian subcontinent wants to convert it into its Colony with the “One Belt One Road Initiative“. Thus, both are threatening the bond of unity between the people.

But, India with this creative approach comes up with the idea of the International Solar Alliance, to capture solar energy and turned them into a usable form. Thereby conserving both environment and development. On the other hand, India along with Japan comes with Asia Africa’s growth corridor, giving countries an alternative. Additionally, saving the world from materialism and building bonds of Unity across Nations with love and compassion.

These are some Creativity and Innovation Examples

What are the threats to Creativity?

In the previous section, we have the theme of the Role of Creativity and Innovation in Development of a Nation. But can it be a panacea for our all ills?

For instance, both APJ Kalam and Abdul Qadir are nuclear scientists. While One made his country nuclear-capable and ensured national security. But, another has sold his nuclear design to North Korea. That in recent times has threatened world peace and the bond of Unity between countries.

Thus, in the words of Aristotle,” Integrity without knowledge is useless but knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful”. Lack of values can turn the good nuclear technology, which can lighten up the houses of the poor. Moreover, it can change the fortune of the world if it was misused.

Moreover, creativity and innovation are very much linked to the initial stages of learning for children. The biggest problem is today, we provide just “literacy” rather than education in schools. Secondly, we restrict them from free thinking. However, this phenomenon is not just restricted to schools, but in our social system as well. Where 9 to 5 jobs are preferable then risk-taking entrepreneurship. That not only constrains individual creativity but also innovative ideas like Manoj Bhargava.


Fortunately, in recent times, there are winds of change, and the central government coming up with programs like “Innovative India Creative India”. The idea of the whole program is to change the orientation of society.

Further, even at the school level, “Draft Education Policy“, comes up with a focus on,” How to Think” rather than “What to Think”. Moreover, the idea of literacy has shifted to education with the inclusion of moral values, and philosophies in the school curriculum. Moreover, re-institutionalizing the values of tolerance, peace, and, spirituality that we taught to the whole world.

Here we discuss the role of creativity and innovation in development, creativity and innovation examples, and what are the threats to creativity.

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