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Introduction to Space Exploration Essay

Man has always had this sense of wonder and natural inclination to look at the stars and wonder what is out there. How can we reach there? Can we ever reach there? Space has always tingled the imagination and sense of adventure in the human mind from time immemorial. Space exploration is a harbinger of future promises and pushes for science and technology. Space exploration is a recent phenomenon considering the journey of human civilization so far.

Space Exploration Essay: Benefits

One must understand that space exploration is a complex process that needs the holistic contribution of the various aspects of science and technology. It needs high-end knowledge of automation, robotics, organic and inorganic chemistry, physics, engineering, weather sciences, geography, biotechnology, data analytics, electronics, microbiology, metallurgy, navigation, and computer technology. Space exploration gives an opportunity for nations, scientists, and universities to invest in fundamental research.

Technology in Space Exploration

Space exploration and space research has been the dominant force in the efforts of fundamental research. Technology developed from Space exploration attempts can be of ‘dual use’ in nature. That means it can be used in civilian use as well as military use. e.g technologies like GPS ( Global Positioning System), satellite communication, and navigation were initially designed for military use but later becomes an important part of day-to-day civilian life.

Development in Space Exploration

Developments in space exploration have given us a better understanding of our solar system, earth, moon, and phenomenon like the solar cycle and solar storms, movement of oceanic currents, hurricanes, and thunderstorms. Various innovations which are designed exclusively for space exploration are now part and parcel of our daily lives. E.g.: the development of more strong, more durable, and lightweight metal alloys, improvement in battery technology, the rising use of carbon fiber as a substitute for metal works, better jet engines, advanced aerodynamic models in transportation mediums like planes, bullet trains, etc.

Now, have a look at the Importance of Space Exploration that has to mention in the Space Exploration Essay.

Importance of Space Exploration Essay

  • Space Exploration as ‘Global Common’
  • Space Exploration as a New Human Littering Site
  • Space Exploration as a New Frontier for Private Multinational Corporates
  • Space Exploration as a New Theatre of Militarisation
Space Exploration Essay
Space Exploration Essay

Space Exploration as ‘Global Common’ – Space Exploration Essay

Like oceans, the South pole, Moon, and the Ozone layer, space is considered a ‘global commons. That means it is useful for all the people living in the world and no nation can claim its sovereignty over space. This understanding was designed to ensure universal access to space for everyone. But recent development is showing us a different set of pictures.

The whole idea and practice of space exploration are based on unequal access to space and the resources it promises. It is because not many nations in the world possess the scientific and technological knowledge, know-how, and human resource to access space or carry out space exploration independently. Hence many nations, especially from the global south, depend upon global north nations (except India, and China ) who can access space to launch their satellites and receive satellite information, images, and weather forecasting.

Today’s World in Space Exploration

Today, we can see space exploration has become the new arena of political, nationalist muscle flexing. Space exploration has always been an important medium to exert a nation’s soft power and its scientific and technological influence over the rest of the world. The best example could be seen in the form of space rivalry between the USA and USSR at the height of the cold war.

Today, satellite navigation systems of various nations like GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), BeiDou (China), and GAGAN(India) serve satellite navigation to their respective nations but also act as an effort to exert their soft power as well as monopolize the satellite data and create the dependency of the global south nations on the selected nations who have an advantage in space exploration. Technological and knowledge gaps in space exploration create a monopoly in space launch operations.

Satellite launch vehicles are based upon the same technology which can be militarily used to develop ‘ballistic missiles. Such ballistic missiles can be used as nuclear warheads or can be used as anti-satellite missiles knocking down the satellites of enemy nations in space. Such renewed, aggressive space race in the future could lead to violent wars in space where modes of communication like satellites would be the main target. The possibility of the use of ballistic missiles as nuclear warheads can also not be overlooked.

How it creates a Paradox?

Since space is the global commons it creates a paradox between the exploitation of the space and owning the responsibility for the sustainable use and maintenance of the space. In the possible cases of space war, it can show the phenomenon of the ‘tragedy of the common’s where every stakeholder utilizes the common resource of space but nobody takes ownership and responsibility for its sustenance and conservation. Which leads to the ultimate degradation of space as a global common resource.

Space Exploration as a New Human Littering Site

Continuous space operations lead to rising space waste. This can lead to more instances of satellite accidents. It also creates serious environmental ethical questions where no concrete framework of responsibility and accountability is in its position.

Space Exploration as a New Frontier for Private Multinational Corporates

The recent heavy interest of private players in space exploration is based on the fact that space holds great possibilities in the case of mineral exploration, Space tourism, and deep space research It also recognizes the growing need of nations to put their satellites in space and hence lucrative business opportunity in the space launch industry.

Space Exploration as a New Theatre of Militarisation

The recent development of the United States of America to create a ‘space force’ is a military wing exclusively dedicated to the dominance of space and protection of national assets in space like satellites, space stations, and navigation systems. Such developments can lead to the militarization of space and armed race aimed at the dominance of space. It can also lead to a future where nations will start to colonize space, moons, and deep-space objects.

Conclusion for Space Exploration Essay for UPSC

The threat of space exploration becoming a double-edged sword is real and it will remain to persist for a long time unless ethical practices are applied in scientific work and space exploration projects. Since space is globally common, issues of the regulation of space exploration should also be decided on the global front. This issue can not be solved under the national boundaries of any nation. Hence the collective efforts of all nations containing the global south and global north to formulate an international policy of space exploration could be a step in the right direction.

More political and public awareness in general about space as a global common can build a strong positive force over the political establishment, to ensure responsible ethical space exploration avoiding its violent militaristic outcomes. Further, any nation that will violate the sanctity of space as a global commons by implementing the military use of space should be collectively resisted by all other members of the world at world forums. The more ethical and responsible framework of exchange and transfer of duel use technology could avoid the military use of space exploration efforts.

Further, Strict and effective implementation of ballistic missile testing and agreement like MTCR should be considered to avoid rogue nations, and warmongering dictators to access the dual use of space exploration technologies. Hence one can say that like any other weapon or equipment ‘Space exploration is a double-edged sword. It is the ethical and moral values and sensitivity of the person who is in charge of the program that can decide its rightful fate.


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