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The cure for pain is in the pain explanation: In this article will try to understand the manifestation of pain in different contexts of the world and India. However, it is not always a cure for the pain that lies in the indiscriminate struggle but ethical means to find the cure for the problem. Let’s start the essay on “the cure for pain is in the pain” for UPSC.

How the Cure for Pain is in the Pain?

Sunitha Krishnan, a rape victim at age of 18, fridge a lot of discrimination and atrocities at the hands of society. After facing a lot of pain in this, she decided to not video to let others face this pain. So, she came up with her NGO, Prajwala in which she faced lots of difficulties in registration, and collecting donations for rehabilitating rape victims.

Further, she took the pain to set up a skill development center for victims. It results in the rehabitating of over 18000 women now, who are even self-dependent in earning their livelihood. The live example of Sunitha Krishnan summarises the solutions to any problem lie in struggle or the Cure for Pain is in the Pain.

Examples of Pain and Cure

Cure simply means resolving those problems with more and more effort. The caste system which legitimizes untouchability inflicted pain on the lower section of society. This was solved with struggles that are led by Jyotiba Phule and BR Ambedkar. While Jyotiba Phule came up with his classic, “Gulamgiri” to highlight discrimination. BR Ambedkar started the Temple entry movement at various places. He said,” it’s not about entry but about equality”. In the end, the constitution formally banned untouchability and gave fundamental rights to the people.

Similarly, an exploitative system existed in the western world, where class bases system discriminated against people and inflicted pain. That was manifested in Racial form, in South Africa, the battle against Apartheid was fought by Nelson Mandela. It ultimately resulted in just a social system.

World War & Political Injustice

After Second World War when Japan was attacked with a nuclear bomb, everybody thought a small island will be forgotten in history. But, the people of this Small Island Nation, faced the problem, worked overnight, and struggled for growth and development. Today, it converted itself into a knowledge economy with the third-largest GDP at a global level. Even, when India was facing political injustice by the British in the colonial period, only the mass struggle for freedom, led to the cure of the pain that we were facing. Even, though it’s difficult to calculate the number of death, injuries, and pain freedom fighters faced, but ultimately ensured the next generation was born eye in free India.


Moreover, after 60 years of independence, when OP Chaudhary joined civil services in 2007. He was posted in Naxalite affected area in Bastar(Chattisgarh). It not only emphasizes the pain of local tribes who were facing a high incidence of Malaria, Dengue, and a literacy rate of 27. He came up with innovations like Residential Schools, and Chulo Aasman to turn literary parameters from 27 to 52%.

Right to Information

Similarly, people of the village in Rajasthan, when finding injustice and lack of transparency in public expenditure. They fought for the Right to Information with Majdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan. It ultimately results in the passing of the Right to Information Act, of 2005.


Further, an IIT graduate who comes to rural areas, found the cheap farmer faces at the hands of Agricultural Mandi agents. He came up with an innovative solution for quality checking of Grains through image comparison with standard varieties. He further, institutionalize at the village level to cure the pain that farmers were facing.

Climate Change

Moreover, the threat of Climate Change Refugees looms all over the world. It was resulting in a water crisis in different forms. A compassionate entrepreneur Manoj Bhargav came up with an affordable solution to convert seawater to drinking water. He invested a lot of hands earned money, and faced many failures.

These are some examples from which we can get to know the cure for pain is in the pain. Click on the link below if you want to read a similar article.

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